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Credit Card Payments


The BlackBoxCameraTM Company Limited uses WorldPay for processing all credit card payments made on this site. Payments are handled directly by the WorldPay Payment Gateway. This means that your credit card details are never stored on a system where they could be accessible by a third party. The service offered by WorldPay is fully secure and bank endorsed, and utilises a range of industry standard and WorldPay unique security and fraud prevention systems, combined with fault tolerant secure server networks and firewalls. All transactions are encrypted using 128 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) architecture (dependent on browser support), and are signed using Thawte digital certificates. The processing centre is securely linked to processing banks worldwide, who handle the credit card authorisations on-line and process the transactions in real time.

We strongly recommend that customers sign up to either of the online cardholder authentication schemes, Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode. Both allow you to set up a password with your card issuer to prevent unauthorised use of your card online. To register please contact your card issuer. Customers who are already registered for either of these schemes will be asked for their authentication when their order is processed on the WorldPay secure server.

So that your order can be processed without any problems which might cause it to be declined please ensure that you enter your name and billing address correctly as it is held by your card issurer. This is the address to which your card statement is currently sent. It is essential that you keep your Card Issuer informed of any changes of address. Your address for delivery must match the address held by your Card Issuer exactly. If it does not, we may delay acceptance of your transaction and seek further proof of your address or decline your purchase altogether. The use of @hotmail, @yahoo, etc email addresses taken with other factors may lead to your order being declined so it may be best not to use one.

If you email your credit card details to us in plain text we are unable to guarantee the security of the transaction, therefore please do not do this.

International customers may choose to have their credit cards billed with their order total in US$, Euros or Australian $ rather than Sterling when they enter their details on the secure WorldPay credit card form. The preferred currency can be selected from the drop down list by pressing the set currency button as shown below.

Select your preferred currency on the order form

Payment is also accepted by bank transfer subject to our terms and conditions.



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